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Realty Valuations:

There are numerous reasons one may need an appraisal. They all have in common one point, which is a supportable and defensible valuation that is impartially and objectively prepared. There several type reports, Complete, Summary and Restrictive each culminating in an opinion of value from a qualified licensed or certified appraiser competent to complete an assignment of the nature of the subject property undertaken.

The type report is dictated mostly on the function or objective of the appraisal. In less legal cognizance of the terms, the reason the report is needed. Is it for mortgage financing, removal of PMI, tax appeal, matrimonial dissolution or others, as outlined in more detail in the details which you can reach by clicking the highlighted more services at the end of this section.

Regardless of the reason, the result is to be a supportable and defensible market value, insurable value, value in use, etc. that is the function of the report. The scope of the assignment must be clear and will be discussed and agreed with you prior to Amerival undertaking the valuation assignment. A precursor to which the client must agree prior to retaining Amerival is that Amerival and appraisers are advocates of ONLY TWO things. They are the realty under appraisement and the appraisal report. The position of the client in respect to the realty under appraisement and / or the function or objective of the appraisal is not a consideration of the appraiser (s). All our reports are objective and impartial and without accommodation of any personal interest either past , present or future.